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Comme des garcons

My comme des garcons for H&M dress coat  arrived this weekend I definately deserved it  since I waited in line at 3 in the morning  only for someone to push me when I tried to grab for this little beauty

brooch inspiration

My outfit was entirely  inspired by this brooch


On Thanksgiving
I always like to get the story right

wrong highly offencive story on every google search here

Outfit of the day
I thought I was being daring with this dark lipstick but in the picture it doesnt look AS dramatic

ps I found a heavenly shirt on etsy I think my life is now fulflled

yes I know! When it arrives I might scream

Around the house

I forgot that I had posted  actually in my first post ever  about my place when I first moved in here
Part of my enormus brooch collection
as you will find there are many people animals and plants

another portion of my closet


winter favorites

summer favorites

cat phone click on pic to see the face

bathroom ode to perfume

side wall images  framed image made by me victoian callendar, yep you guessed it victorian

rabbit mask on the wall

some amazing needlework  that needs a circle frame
I love my bed but only when its done up she will have to wait

outfit of the day
printed moon dress moon pin 30s hat

From the black forest

I put on my 
German vest topped my head with a shell and called it a day

I love adding little pulls to zippers a few years ago I obsessed about this constantly

house pictures will happen you have my word

Flowery outfit of the day


animals for sale

I made a few new items  this week that crawled  out of the forest I hope they will be a hit!!

Rabbit collar

Rabbit brooch

Foxy lady collar/scarf

My aesthetic

I had Junior review at my school
here is my set up
When I put up the show,  I couldn't help but laugh  because it looks like I took a portion of my room  and put it on display
Tiny Examples:
One of my woodland deer (the standing up one is in the following picture)

My wall of fabrics

miniature portion of my closet

details of my inspiration boxes

full array of inspiration boxes

If this is of interest to anyone I'll do another post of my other goodies around the house including my GIANT collection of brooches and my progressively giant hat collection

Decked out in 1930's

I havent yet given credit to the 1930's
my whole wardrobe  is made up of 1930's eccentric peices
I just got this 1930's hat the crown is a heart shape and there are wild wire leaves all over
I paired it with my favorite 1930's top that has stuffed doves  around the collar

These boots are not from the 1930's  but I feel a deco vibe from the horse silhouette anyway I thought I'd share these boots simply becasue they are my favorites (and I'm wearing them)

Take a peice of fashion forestry

I put up some of my vintage finds

take a peice of the forest with you here

Leafy sweater

Tulip dress

berry blouse  and  leather pinafore

baroque shoes

white leopard pussy bow dress + belt
with added 1950's lucite buttons