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Thanksgiving rejection + a new friend

I have delayed my thanksgiving post until now because the 20 people I invited didn't come. It was pretty sad because I spent the whole day cooking with Morgan 
along with the full previous day shopping for everything. Everything was gluten free and so Morgan and I were honored to share our gluten free feast with fellow celiac and vintage lover: Ruby who festively came as a turkey!
Outfit details: Hat: paper turkey made by me haha Dress: 1960s pilgrim-esque black and white dress

Cinderella blouse with no makeup and a wooden bird

Outfit details:
Blouse: 1940s periwinkle sheer baloon bishob sleeves with beaded extavagance along the neckline Shoes:  Found in the vintage basement market on bricklane in Shoreditch   Golden soutache detail on maroon velvet!!! Trousers:  Periwinkle blue 1990s Liz Claiborne wool trouser pants Bird: Little carved wooden bird bought in Sweden in the Skansen open air museum  (most likely my most favorite place on earth, besides Monet's house or the folk museum in Budapest)

Ballad of Sisters' issue launch at Birthdays Dalston

Im still working on launching my label and hoping still to open up shop in February!  I'm hoping its not too much wishful thinking!  I have manny posts coming up so stay tuned!!!!!!!

This outfit was invented especially
for the Ballad of  Sisters' issue launch at Birthdays !
As expected, it was a blast!

Last 3 photos taken by Oh Curio

Outfit details:

Dress: Late 1960s early 1970s dress in bright green with fringe
Coat: 1950s Mohair Angora coat in stone blue grey with gold ball buttons and collarless mandarin detail
Boots: 1960s Go go boots Gold lame green sequin stars with fringe !!
(One of my most prized possessions!!!)
Bow: Golden basket weave texture (reminds me of a bee or its hive) vintage ribbon from Bell'occhio
Tights:  Golden with back seams American Apparel