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Last day of New York Par1 of 2

Egg Brooklyn Williamsburg

I met the lovely  Ashley Soliman With her incredible taste, and the best sense of humor,  I couldn't help but have the best time vintage shopping, and wandering about NY
Ashley's: blog website

I was so happy to see Olivia again!!   I love hanging out with her!!! Hope to see you soon Olivia!

Olivia told me I HAD to visit this place...So happy I did!!
Go visit, if you haven't already!

New post tomorrow: Part 2 of 2 last day in NY: Evening with Alley (above), Hannah, and Landon

3rd day in new york: Hannah and Landon, Emily, Valarie and Jean, The met, The moma

Roebling Tea Room I met Hannah and Landon  they are amazing I was so happy that I spent most of my time with them They even put Pierre and I up for 2 nights!

The Met


I met the lovely and stylish ladies named Valerie and Jean in the MOMA store. Their blog Their "style like u" write up

I met Emily  for dinner, and she was both stylish and lively.  I loved hearing all her past styling horror stories, and enlightening me about the Oct 13th UFO sightings that all people were freaking out about on twitter and the news.

Back to Hannah and Landons house :)

Sorry guys I meant to say that I'm back from my NY trip.   I was back this past  Monday Nov. 22! I'm just posting the trip now :)