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Hunting in the library

Taken by: Pierre Eymard
Where: london library my front window, and the park in my neighborhood
Outfit details: Coat: 1980s mimicking the 1940s princess coat and old red hunting coats!!! Boots: 1980s hunting scene with men in red coats on horses hunting foxes Purse: 1950s wicker horse Sweater: 1950s fox 
Last image:  Cute little illustration in a huge book about food, I love the little mini men climbing around a twig full of berries.  I found this while browsing the Library's museum.  There is also a small exhibition on Charles Dickens, if you like him or supernatural Victorian stories this exhibition is very entertaining and you must see it.

Everything to one side please

I don't know why but I'm loving shawls on my left shoulder right now. And my hair flipped onto the opposite side Hahha!
First talking on the phone pictures on my blog haha
Dress: 1940s lace top pine green From: Female hysteria Shawl: Victorian table runner with crochet grapes and leaves and net Bad Girl vintage 2 Boots: Bright Pink! Primark Belt: 1980s metallic wavy snake!

Valentines at the Garden museum and The Tate

for picking apples!!!

Pierre's Valentines gift to me!