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New etsy vintage and Cruella de vil

On each listing
I put a picture
of what each item
reminds me of

Here are the pictures
Find out which items the belong to

So I can go out and search for more supplies to make designs for the store and find rare vintage find for everyone
I am giving my readers this advantage only

enter green leaves
in a covo on etsy
before you purchase
and also mention whether
you would like
free shipping
or a free accessory
created by me
The accessory will follow the theme of the item purchased

If items are sold
more items will go up
as will more funny picture themes!!

Outfit time

Cruella de vil
Dress is from this AMAZING!! etsy shop
ermine vintage
(go to their shop you will want everything!!!)
and 101 60's dalmatian shoes that Ive had for quite some time
tank top underneath I got from a an independent designer in Toulouse, France

Fun Fun fun FUN FUN in the cold San Francisco sun!

Most of Saturday consisted of rolling around on the beach
clementine protects me from the waves

snakes and other reptiles

I got this lovely play suit
from eratic static vintage
I'm very happy with it

Look at me doing a post everyday

1950s rain coat
1950s sportswear zip top
Reiss Skirt
Spectator shoes
shell bracelet
shell belt connected with pansies