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Marios Schwab film by Crane TV

I love this video of Marios Schwab! I think they captured his personality very well!
Hahah you can see me at 1:36 ;)
You can also see his heavenly ss12 collection that I helped with here

Blitz London Vintage store

Blitz London Contacted me and other favorite bloggers to go shopping and put together outfits  with our favorite pieces 
There are so many goodies to choose from in that store!!! I hope you enjoy the looks I came up with!
I then took pictures around the store with the outfit I came in hahah!

Disappearing for fashion week and Marios Schwab

I Have not adjusted to my new schedule yet. Which was why I have vanished.
I am working for Marios Schwab And just survived London fashion week!
I was able to enjoy fashion week on Sunday before Marios Schwab's show!  Oh my!  I fell so much in my tall shoes!  It was worth it because I was in The Evening Standard!