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Pieces of my porfolio

I also made my portfolio this semester I left out the technical flats to spare you... Now I need to make little samples and then my portfolio will be complete!

Early fall 2012 Bambie Garden Crasher
Inspiration: Deer who ruin perfectly prim gardens. Especially gardens with lattice and Ivy. 16th century wallpaper and textiles in the Skansen Park in Sweden

Holiday 2012 Ballet desAnimaux Albinos (ballet of albino animals)
Inspiration: albino animals the movie Red Shoes tulle and sequins

Spring 2012 Oh no! Someone spilled on the couch!!
Inspiration: creepy old English/baroque/traditional couches that has spills all over. I like the clash between the stuffy and the electric. It also can be looked at as toxic man product spilled upon nature. EMBROIDERED SPILLS Yep you heard correctly, all the spills you see on the outfits are full of satin stitch embroidery!

Summer 2012 Chameleon Chain Brooch
This collection was HEAVILY researched. It all started with a little story from a lady's childhood memor…

The beginning of the end

this semester was all about deciding what my final collection will come to be. For our final this semester we had to present two outfit that might be part of the collection and illustrations of the rest of the collection along with samples of techniques that will be on future garments. we also had to shw the color story and fabrics.
Treasures of the sea explained:
Visually I was inspired by sea life (crabs lobsters sand water) and objects(sea glass etc.) that wash up on the shore. My techniques were inspired by vintage millinery and purse techniques. I believe that both go well together becasue theya re both impermanent.
For example some hat making techniques require hand sewing stitches that can easily be removed and changed around. And the treasures of the sea will not always be there. If you like the shell or the way the sand is forming, you had better grab/or take a picture quick.
I love the beauty of impermanence!
asymetrical curcle skirts
molding felt pin tucks rhin…