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My flower bouquet collection with my march birthday ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this especially for Jennifer, and this was the first one of these I made!!!

For Ashley's Birthday I made her this one!

My sister did a cute video of her b-day gifts, and you can see her presents in action here:

These little babies (purse tops) are ready to be made for Mary and Hannah........

p.s. I will be posting the march birthday parties sooooon! P.P.S I will be posting the clothing that go with the purses soon as well!!!!!!!!
I am accepting pre email me if you are interested

Wind and rain at the expo

I went to the vintage expo with Jennifer And we took some shots in the super cold!
Dress: 1940s Hat: 1940s Torso Vintages Purse: 1980s Socks: H&M Shoes: 1960s 101 dalmatians Coat: 1960s Bohemian Bisoux

Sorry about the post delay, but I have been working on a new collection!
If you will be in SF on April 17 please RSVP here for my fashion show!

ruffly button decorations

Outfit: Dress: Late 1930s moon print and crochet trim neckline Button decorations: Early 1930s ruffle accessory 
Sadly I lost one of them that night :(

Doing laundry

Two piece suit: 1930s crochet with green beads on the shoulders  ~ From: Vintage expo Hat: 1950s ~ From: gerilew Tights: we love colors Shoes: 1980s floral ~ From: missgaylee
Bracelet: 1890 gold circles and a buckle
Bracelet: 1930s green Bakelite 
So sorry the giveaway winner  announcement was drawn out so long.  I miscalculated the timing of finishing the matching glove.  There were also so many family and friend birthdays this march!!! I made all of their presents(party pictures posted soon!!!)!!! Phew!!!!  
Enough rambling!!!  The two winners are: Mary and Heidi both of you couldn't decide! Haha decide amongst each other!

Moving to London in May

I am finally doing it! I am moving to London! I will make the great leap sometime in May!! So anyone in the bay area that would like to meet up, need to catch me before I leave!
If you have had experience in moving to London, or already live there (or in the past) Flood my inbox full of tips!
Some ideas:
Food (Markets/restaurants) Vintage Job/ internships (Fashion design, fashion forecasting, styling,magazines,)  Areas to live (my heart is basically set on living int he east) Meeting up
Good bye San Francisco Helloooooooo London!

Play of our Lives

Store clerk: “So where are you guys playing tonight?”   Me: “Our lives.  We’re playing our lives.  We’re in the play of life.”

Me: Dress: 1940s yellow-y green knit Hat: 1940s Brooch: 1950s furry blue poodle, scarf clip,really horse hair flowers Belt: 1960s Bracelet: 1950s green Bakelite nuggets  Purse: 1930s doll with flowers, and best hairdo EVER! Umbrella: 1950s Shoes: 1960s Tights: We Love colors

50s green suit: Time Zone Vintage in San Jose, CA
50s sheer pink blouse: Costume Party 40s bridesmaid pink tulle tiara with little velvet flowers: ebay vintage pink spectator flats: Seconds To Go vintage purse: found

Sorry for the delay in announcing the 2 glove winners! I will announce sooooon!!!!!!!!!!