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Fall Realy is here!

The lovely Trish Hunter trishhunterfinds from Melbourne, Australia hahaah SHE FOUND this amazing sweater
I flipped out and purchased it this summer over the internet even though I was in Europe and not at home I didnt want to take any chances this little puppy was mine
i feel this to be a true forest piece/outfit
skirt American Apparel 1970s old lady shoes leggings H&M 1940 jaguar earrings

Look at me being a guilty fashion geek

I had to buy it

I waited until fashion week was over to wear it

Trying to hide with my new fall coat

wore it with this purse to be geekier (if that was possible)

Proof of being a fashion geek/victim

and a nerdy costume I made in 2 seconds for Clementine
She is not happy!
she is saying no mommy stop trying to make me a fashion victim like you

oh the guilty pleasures in life!

Quick mood photo

You asked for it Here it is :) first outfit in muslin

sweater dress and new poodle purse

The lovely Hannah interviewed me for her blog, she is too kind :) When she asked to interview me I was so flattered has basically completed me! ahah
she actually heavily inspired one of my collections for my porfolio In my mind she would be the ideal wearer
the other inspiration included:
my facination of deer invading/eating people's gardens the lattice in these gardens skansen in Sweden



pictures of my new poodle purse and cozy fall sweater dress

I finished my first mock up outfit for my 5 outfit collection and i photographed a mood picture Im still thinking about it but I think I will post just the photograph soon
tell me if you really want to see it

sneek peek of my final collection

Yes Im alive but... My final collection will kill me eventually
Since the fashion gods were giving away my secrets I will only show inspirational pictures without explanations
Fall 2010

One to watch out for

Isobel and Cleo
buy become a fan
These knit pieces are to die for
from the color palette to the texture details
Each piece is VERY Exciting
I want each of the following please!!