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Edwardian lady and ladybugs

Where: Alexandra park


Apron-esque top: Edwardian embroidered portrait of a lady with fabulous earrings singing to a bird with a frame and flowers everywhere.  The sides tie into bows with dotted pink embroidery!
 From one of my favorite stalls at Spitalfields market
Hat: Late 1930s from Blitz
Shirt bra: Old banana republic lingerie (when the designers at banana republic were inventive)
Shorts: Primark (they were JUST the right color, couldn't resist)
Shoes: Primark (I still have an unhealthy addiction to the shoes at Primark, these ones especially, they new had my size until one day.....)

Morgan Bajardi's op art dress

I couldn't wait to share with you some work from my friend Morgan Bajardi Morgan designed, hand made the textile print,  draped (for the first time..I think she did great!),  and hand sewed this dress.   The optical illusion plays with the shape of the female form on a flat surface.   She created other print with beautiful shapes and color ways.   There is one color/shape combination in particular that I am dieing to get my hands on!!!!!! I was a little sick when we did this mini shoot, but deadlines are deadlines...
Qeue up and put your orders in ladies! ;)

Instagram polluter

I just got a new iphone and have been polluting instagram  with non stop pictures of my adventures and Clementine!   I think I will continue to do so! If you would like to follow my adventures visit and or add me here

Park and graveyard time

Where: Pierre and I decided to visit a museum  all about the history of the area we live in, in London Bruce castle Park contains a lovely park, cemetery, church, and museum  
Photos taken by:
Pierre and myself
Dress: 1950s paisley mint green square dance (patio dress) with gathered tiers Hat: 1950s dangling magical flowers Purse: Late 1950s early 1960s wicker figural horse purse with marble eyes Shoes: Topshop Belt: 1950s braided pale pinkish nude

Weekend Roses

Where:  Harringay Ladder bridge
Picture taken by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit: Pants/trousers: Amazing foral print from topshop Shoes: Early 1940s Top/blouse: 1940s Hand painted rose  Hair bow: scrap of fabric Purse: design and made by me Nicole Eymard