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Carters Steam Fair with Kelly-Marie

To see a better currated view 
visit Kally-Marie's blog here: A harem of Peacocks


Pictures taken: at the Carter Steam Fair Photographed by: Pierre Eymard, Kelly Marie, and myself
Outfit details:
Blouse: Made by me, t

All sea themed duuuh!

My new obsession is anything ceramic!   I have become a ceramic maniac!   When I see a new piece, it feels as though I have stumbled upon  new land or a new species! I went absolutely bananas when I saw this stall  It was crammed full of ceramic beauties. I think the stall owner wanted to place me personally in a loony bin  He was terrified of the crazed look on my face,  and my huge eyes boring each delicate piece!!!
I just want to crush as many as I can into powder and consume it somehow!
Pierre shared the will to lock me up
As a matter of fact  he muttered something like 
"No money lets leave"under his breath.
Poor Pierre
I will post my fave ceramics sooon (if you want hahah)
for example see two posts down!!!!

Pictures taken: Portobello market Photographed by: Pierre Eymard

Outfit details:
Hat: Early 1950s coral and celluloid hat by Bes ben Blouse: Top Shop Shorts: Top Shop

My dalmation shoes

Remember my 1960s 101 Dalmatian shoes?

 Mary found a pair in a US size 6 in pristine condition!!!!
BUY THEM HERE!: Mary Van Notes

V&A Fridays

Pictures taken:V&A Photographed by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit details:
Hat: 1950s floral lattice  Dress: 1940s Rayon jersey people dancing print Jacket: 1990s floral jacket ~ From: The east end thrift store Bracelet: 1940s Miriam Haskell Belts: Anthropologie Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

The East end thrift store and Assembly vintage party

Pictures taken:The east end thrift store Photographed by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit details: