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1 of 4 last outfit posts in San Franicsco! :(

Pictures taken: 15th street and Howard street, San Francisco, in front of an old tile company building
Photographed by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit: Dress worn open: 1940s ~ From Bohemian Bisoux Short dress underneath: 1930s tennis dress Shoes: 1950s Sunglasses: 1920s flip glasses Necklace: Pen tips/nibs 1930s pale pink coral celluloid Hat: 1940s La Rosa Vintage Purse: 1940s knitting needle bag

P.S. Tomorrow I am moving out :( 
My flight is a week from today ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
London here I come!

Traveling in style is the best way to go....

Sorry its been a while! I am packing away!  Im moving out May 18th! Next week! My flight is may 23rd! I will be in london in 2 weeks!  How crazy is that!
Here is how I plan on traveling:
My outfit:

Clementine's carry on case:


Full set of below:

Garment Bags:


Ok going to continue packing...

Funfilled day in Japan Town San Francisco

Lovely music playing in the Pika booth while we took and decorated these:

 "On the wings of a butterfly...everybody's watching.... yeah yeah yeahyeah!""

The subliminal messages in this song are:

"You better hurry up or you wont get your pictures...and they will turn out badly...get out get out"