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Treasures found in Spitalfields market

Photos by: KengKeng
Skirt:Early 1950s, felt and sequined flowers and leaves on velvet from  Goldmine trash Jacket:  1930s black and green wool cut out ski jacket Hat:  1940s plastic celluloid flowers
Sweater:  1930s
Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

Buying fabrics and going to Barbican with KengKeng

Location: Barbican and Shepards bush
Photos by: KengKeng, Nicole Eymard, Pierre Eymard
Dress:1940s velvet with colorful studs Hat:  1930s flowers in mustard felt Shoes:  1940s
Tights:  Red lace back seam
Ribbon:  Vintage floral Bellocchio
Coat:  1960s
Purse:  1960s telephone purse (It really works)

Im going to sell a mini collection at Audrey Grace!

I am making a mini capsule collection inspired by birds and birds nests.  The color palette will be a twist on primary colors.  I will be using velvet and silk wool jersey to ad the perfect about of fuzzy texture.  While I was creating this mini inspiration collage and shopping for fabrics I absolutely could not wait to see them ready to go to their new homes!!  
I will update soon with progress pictures!
My collection will be sold exclusively at Jaclyn's pop up shop called Audrey Grace The shop will pop up in her home town: Jackson Mississippi!   Check out her blog for more information and to see some of my friends interviews for the shop (Hannah and Ashley ), and pop in for a visit on Dec. 17th!

Ice skating in my living room

Location: My living room  (still under construction but looking more living room ish)
Photos by:   Pierre
Outfit and items:

Mittens: 1930s  rabbit fur ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux Capelet: 1920s-30s mink tails  ~ From: Bohemian Bisoux Coat: 1950s  Belt: 1980s pouder blue ~ bought in Paris Boots: Remake Victorian boots,  (I was searching for boots that look like ice skates... SUCCESS!) Bows: Powder blue velvet vintage ribbon
Tight: top shop

Flowers: Globe de marriage (without the glass dome)
Fox: Vintage taxidermy, from France
Book case: Edwardian
Glass cupboard: Both stacked on top of each other from: Kelly marie

Escaping the creeepy fog

Coat: 1960s Blouse:1940s Hat:  1940s  grey birds Belt:  1950s shapely belt with cabochons
Shoes:  1980s Ysl purple suede gold metal bows
Leggings:  1970s with large fuzzy mohair piping
Purse:  1930s suede heart

All my love to Daphne Oram and Delia Derbishire

Delia Derbishire and Daphne Oram wore the best clothes of their decade, while inventing both the electronic genre and DJ culture we enjoy today!
I found out about these two ladies a couple of months ago and I have been smitten ever since!  I saw a video of how Daphne magically painted the musical waves on a piece of glass and entered into a magical machine.
They both started out working at BBC broadcasting during the late 1950s and early 1960s. It very interesting they both came into electronic music at the same time. Delia focused on more surreal science fiction tunes while.  She stayed on at BBC making music for Dr. Who, while Daphne left the BBC early opened and created "Oramics" which is all about taking classical elements of music and twisting them into something shiny and new.
 I cant believe how timeless their work is, see for your self:

To learn more about their processes and other facts:
Delia Derbishire:Wiki Official website  interview Daphne Oram:Wiki Official websiteVis…

Meeting Gaultier in my albino parrot coat

Location: The institute of contemporary art
Photos by:   Pierre
Interesting Fact:   I met Jean Paul Gaultier in the book shap of the IOC.  He was very friendly, and Pierre gave him my card because I was too embarrassed.  He was very sweet and complemented my coat, and talked with me about San Francisco and London. Outfit:
Coat:1970s suede fabulous-ness (I call it my albino parrot coat) Dress:H&M angora floral dress Hat:  1940s  purple crinoline loops Belt:  1930s rusty red leather
Shoes:  1980s Ysl purple suede gold metal bows
TightsWe love colors navy
Purse:  1920s Lenci doll purse