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The final piece

The finished product of this post  with a conceptual explanation
For my conceptual class final
I continued a long-term obsession
In a past post I talked about my obsession with masks
Masks are anonymous but not like a paper bag over your head kind of anonymous
Instead you choose what others see
I thought of rock stars specifically terry poison
They might want to got to the next level of cheekiness by covering their swimsuit shapes while choose what the audience sees
here it is:

BEFORE: self conscious rock star

AFTER: self assured rock star!!


Work in progress (changing shoes)

Small outfit ketchup

1950 purse  1940 scarf  2 H&M belts  1950 coat worn inside out  1960 pinafore  1960 pink gloves  Turkish scarf with crochet flowers named oya H&M tights 1940 dead stock sandals

1950 dress silk ribbon urban outfitters shoes tiger pinsolanah 1930 belt

Work in progress

Here is the first protoype
for my conceptual final the concept will be explained  when finished
This is one of my explanitons for no posts in  a million years!

And for outfit of the day:
favorite spring coat in a classy drunken pose

I have always loved fashion

My mom Gossamer Wings
always dressed my sister and I  in amazing outfits Most of our clothes she made.
looking back at pictures of me I remember how much I always  was thinking about clothing  and the surrounding  colors  shapes  and textures around me
I forgot that it has always been my  Obsession
Take a look:
My mom holding me

here is my sister and I


easter outfit 

some bath tub pictures