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Halloween Shenanigans


Halloween is kind of weird and spread out here weeks in advance in London,
and most of the time people don't go all out with their costumes, and only accept and covet scary costumes.
Morgan and I got into trouble running around dalston and going to various venues.  I was disguised as a dead time traveler that dies while in traveling back in time, and never made it to the 1980s (the half upper lip is a prediction of a fashionable lipstick style of the future ;).  Morgan has an amazing skeleton and fringe dress with amazing bottom lashed and black lipstick.
Morgan, Pierre and I went to a Halloween event at the V&A were dressed as a wolf and two sheep.
I  also funnily found out that adding a bell with a satin ribbon doesn't make since since cows are the ones with bells! We enjoyed gluten free almond cakes with a perfect french white wine (my dad would be proud of the pairing I must say!) towards the end of the evening

Happy Halloween!!!

Preparing for the cold


Coat: 1960s white leather with white fur that runs around the neck center front and bottom
Bonnet: 1950s fair isle scaninavian knit cap bonnet hat
Coin purse: 1960s Jack and Jill on both sides Made of Vinyl with Holigraphic Eyes
Dress: 1960s knit aqua blue dress with pointelles
Boots: 1960s go go boots
Lipstick: YSL purple and black

The Wallace Collection

I went to the Wallace Collection and I was mesmerized!

Outfit details:

Dress: 1940s wool chartreuse bottom, smocked in a half circle, top rayon chartreuse and grey floral with radiating open work along the neck.  The dress was falling apart and so I fixed by covering the ripped hole with a 1950s Native American felt patch.
Purse: Violin figural purse.
Tights: Top shop red seamed stocking with red hearts
Shoes: Red patent shoes from M&S