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The yellow party crew

Photos taken by: 

Sarah White, Kayvan Taher Arabi, and random people in the London tube

My outfit details:

Plastic flower hat: 1960s, plastic Lucite flower with individual petals and leaves
 originally a dinner table center piece
Leggings: American apparel yellow cable knit sweater
Shoes: 1990s Liz Claiborne
Purse: 1960s leather red and green purse
Socks: Mint green and cream stripes Primark

Kayvan's outfit details:

Shirt:  1960s floral yellow and black rayon button up shirt
Trousers: 1970s floral yellow rose double knit flares with creases
Socks: Primark

Ponds and fake waterfalls

Photos taken by:
Kayvan Taher Arabi and myself
Photos taken in: 
Railway FieldsFinsbury park Rakkas
Outfit details:
Jacket: Late 1940s early 1950s white leather fringe native american jacket Blouse: 1940s Tromp L'oiel rhinestones print in yellow and green Skirt: American Apparel Shoes: late 1980s early 1990s Liz claiborne  Nail polish: Green Essie Socks: Primark green and cream stripes (I'm always extra into primarks socks!)

Fish and roses in the bushes

Photographed by:
Kayvan Taher Arabi
Outfit details:
Dress: 1950s rose  Belt: I found a vintage green fish belt buckle with measuring tape inside  (most likely for fishermen of the past) and attached it to an old green H&M leather belt Purse: Wicker pink parasol late 1940s early 1950s Shoes: Saddle shoes black and white Socks: Primark with crochet flowers Hat: 1960s Indian headress

Embossed, plastic, crochet, printed and cotton flowers


Photography by: 
Matthew Linden
Outfit details:
Skirt:  1930s Embossed, raised flowers fabric in grey and white Top: American apparel floral crop top Shoes: 1930s white leather oxford lace up cut out delights Socks: Flower lates eged socks from primark! Purse: Hand made and designed by me scarf: Worn as a hat from turkey, with miniature crochet flowers called oya