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Violin purse and celluloid crown

Photos take in: My living room and bedroom (in front of my 1960s vanity)
Photos taken by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit details:
Crown comb:  1920s-1930s (most likely 1920s)Art deco Celluloid wonder  (I still cant believe I own it..its just one of those magical items!!!) Jacket and dress: Topshop (One of the outfits you wait an eternity to come into the store) Purse: Violin from a Chinese manufacturer on ebay

Obsession with Indian culture

I found a comment on My last post so interesting,  and I havent done a research post in a long time since my ermine post here I decided to make a post out of my response:
I usually love the things you post, but this is just straight up appropriation. Saris mean something to people other than a "costume" to wear for a party. What was the purpose of wearing them? Why take someone's culture and use it as a dress up party? 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for following and enjoying my blog.  I have to wonder though if you really truly have looked at my blog at all, or know what I am about?  I never have and never will claim to be an expert in anything, or exploit cultures.  I do however, always show my love and devotion to what inspires me. Appropriation: Appropriation of visual culture, in some form or another, has always been part of human history...Appropriation can be understood as a key component of the way in which humans learn, communicate and progress..…

Indian Princess party