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Part 4 Budapest Hungary ... Folk explosion!


Cave church and Folk museum

Outfit details:

Hat: Bought in Budapest, a recreation of the beaded hungarian folk hat head pieces
Sweater: 1950s in blue with angora detailing
Blouse: maroon rayon blouse with sea foam green and pale coral orange collars with detailed beading
Trouser pants: 1990s 1980s pleated wool

Part 3 of Budapest Hungary

After a day of cute grocery stores museums and so many gluten free options,   I bought a bottle of wine with gold flecks in it and Klara made some amazing food  Her fabulous friend stoped by and brought her two Italian grey hounds. 
She then later introduced me to a card game, where you shout cacao and Macau once you have one card or none.  It is called Macau and you can learn about it here.  It took a while for me to understand how to play it, especially since as you can see above Hungarian cards are extremely beautiful but also completely different! I got so into playing it could have become a poker tournament!  I am so happy captured each suit of these little beauties because they are so intricate and speciall!
She then took me to a club that is in an old mall called Kaméleon

Hungary Budapest part 2

I visited the Rudas Turkish bath in Budapest!
 I really wish there was one in London, I would go everyday!!!

Outfit details:

Hat: Late 1930s bonnet or hood with brown sable fur trimmed front, and a dutch boy and girl print
Blouse: 1930s rayon navy blue chicken novelty print blouse with feathers all over.  Best print ever!
Trousers: 1980s wool trousers
Boots: 1980s rabbit fur boots in brown sable
Swimsuit: Late 1940s Navy blue with silver soutache applied in the shape of leaves, a crest, or feathers