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musketeers are out again

I went to the Hammersmith Vintage Fair I scored a lace dress and green striped hat (In future posts sooon!)

Photographed by:Annie McFadyen, Pierre Eymard
Outfit details:
Skirt and Top set: 1950s 3 Musketeers  Hat: 1950s coral and celluloid hat by: Bes Ben Shoes:Urban Outfitters Belts: Anthropologie Over boots:1950s rain over-boots

It seems as though everyone has joined Fashion Forestry under the sea!

Look at all the like minded sea creators having a party down under with my collection last year:  Treasures of the sea and Video
Luna and curious

(inspiration window created by Kelly Marie for Beyondretro in oxford circus in London)

Clementine Hates Fashion..she prefers being in the nude

Sometimes Friends ask, "Nicole, oh no what if you have a child that doesn't like fashion!?"  I usually reply with a shrug.   Now my answer will be "Clementine has already given me a taste of what I'm in for..."

Happy to be naked!!

Sorry Clementine, I will TRY to not dress you up again....

Clementine belongs in a circus and I belong in a Jungle

Pictures taken: My temporary Flat in London Fields in London Photographed by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit details:
Blouse: 1970's italian safari print blouse Shorts: 1980's men's safari trunks ~ From: Beyond Retro
Head wrap: scrap of fabric ~ From: Britex Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell

My first Saturday Broadway market

Pictures taken on: Broadway market in London Fields 
Photographed by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit details:

Shoes: 1980s salamander shoes Zalo Jumpsuit: 1990s small floral print Sash: needlepoint floral sash ~ From: Tail of the yak Hat: 1930s floral crown hat ~ From:La Rosa

French revolution outfit, a new love affair with Spitalfields, V&A childhood museum