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Quick little hat pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts, I hope you understand :(  I'm trying to launch my own label, all the while continue with collaborations (making mini collecting by hand all by myself!!),  and try to get a new phone (dealing with the theft of my phone and paypal trageties) My etsy account even got canceled!!! :(  And if anyone wants the items that I posted on etsy earlier in the month  you can still contact me because they havent sold yet :(
I feel like im living in a circus and I am the ringmaster, creator, and performer in all the acts!
Outfit Details:
Hat: 1960s flower hat Flowers on top: 1960s Kanzashi flower hair piece (hair pick) I suck on top of my 1960s hat Blouse: 1950s scalloped powder blue ruffles and mini pearl buttons Nail polish: YSL (I think its the perfect nail goes with any color combo!) Shorts: Topshop (full post coming soon!)

Bruises and the typical explosion of flowers!

I am the most clumsy lady on earth and always sport at least two bruises on my 'too long for my body legs',  lately they have been looking pretty rough I must say!
Photos taken by: My dog Clementine, with the help of Pierre Eymard
Taken: In front of a creepy shed that has toxic/hazardous unknown things inside  located the park in front of my house 
The Outfit:
Bandeau: 1920s with silk ribbon flower embroidery on a mesh base, surrounded by pink ruffles Dress suit: 1950s ~ From DrivingHorseVintage Shoes: 1960s green suede lace up with cut outs and square toes ~ From: Spitalfields market at the vintage heaven booth Petticoat: 1950s flocked flowers ~ From: Annie's Belt: 1980's interchangeable base with a random 1970s belt buckle in the shape of a armadillo ~ Both I have had for thousand years

Vintage and made to order made by me

I am giving my readers first dibs  on the vintage pieces I photographed today.   If you are interested comment below or email me here: Free shipping on all orders over $70 to all of my followers who have tweeted, facebooked, tumbled etc.
Also I would like to offer the same "free shipping for follower" with my designs below. They will all be made to order.


Hat (in smaller sizes as well)

Cake purse (I have pale green as well)

Cake hat (I have pale green as well)

Phone stolen but florals and wicker horses make it better

Despite my phone being stolen Pierre and I flounced around the Thames staring a little old ladies who were saving seats to see the queen pass by!   I am excited to finally post pictures of the lovely vintage headpiece  my best friend Mary (who I miss dearly!!!) found on ebay and sent to me!!!  I love how the milliner was inspired by the Japanese Kanzashi flowers in the hair pieces, and how they mad them large scale!!!!!
Where: The River Thames Photos taken by: Pierre Eymard
Outfit: Hat: early 1940s late 1930s head piece with Huge Kanzashi-like flowers ! Sent by Mary Top: Topshop Bra: early 1930s late 1920s bra with salmon jacquard ans buttons with button loops Skirt: 1950s dirndl Purse: Late 1950s early 1960s wicker figural horse purse with marble eyes

My new iphone of 2 weeks was stolen :(  I need to sell some vintage pretties, to get a new one!   Below are some goodies I have listed today!  I will be listing some more tomorrow!:

Only followers of my blog who tweet (and or face book, blog about) …