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Caitlin and Cyrous come to London part 2

Outfit Details:

Dress: Early 1950s late 1940s soutache piping, on pale pink linen.
I added a silver and gold rams head zipper pull
Shoes: seethrough shoes with organdy ribbon I added to lace them up
Belt: 1960s orange base with gold detailed hardware and fastenings

Makeup by:

Caitlin Mackey

My sister and Cyrous in London part 1

|Wemet Shoko in Camden Passage in Angel, and she took a picture of us for Elle Magazine Japan

Outfit details:

Hat: 1930s velvet flowers in pale and bright pinks and sea foam green
Shoes: 1960s Margaret Jerrold red leather music shoes.  Piano violin horn music notes
Blouse: Late 1930s early 1940s embroidered folkloric harvest people
encircled with flowers and foliage
Skirt: American Apparel
Purse: Early 1960s wicker horse purse figural shaped with marble eyes