I have always loved fashion

  My mom Gossamer Wings 
always dressed my sister and I
 in amazing outfits
Most of our clothes she made.

looking back at pictures of me
I remember how much I always 
was thinking about clothing 
and the surrounding 
and textures around me

I forgot that it has always been my 

Take a look:

My mom holding me

IMG_5896 by you.

IMG_5908 by you.IMG_5930 by you.IMG_5926 by you.

IMG_5915 by you.IMG_5906 by you.IMG_5898 by you.IMG_5904 by you.IMG_5902 by you.IMG_5897 by you.IMG_5907 by you.IMG_5918 by you.IMG_5922 by you.IMG_5945 by you.IMG_5913 by you.

here is my sister and I


IMG_5942 by you.


IMG_5955 by you.

easter outfit 


IMG_5916 by you.
IMG_5973 by you.IMG_5977 by you.
IMG_5965 by you.

some bath tub pictures

IMG_6076 by you.
IMG_6048 by you.


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