Fun Fun fun FUN FUN in the cold San Francisco sun!

Most of Saturday consisted of rolling around on the beach
clementine protects me from the waves

IMG_4574 by you.IMG_4575 by you.IMG_4576 by you.IMG_4565 by you.IMG_4563 by you.
IMG_4515 by you.IMG_4514 by you.IMG_4485 by you.IMG_4507 by you.IMG_4515 by you.IMG_4557 by you.IMG_4546 by you.IMG_4536 by you.IMG_4540 by you.IMG_4541 by you.IMG_4585 by you.IMG_4594 by you.IMG_4596 by you.IMG_4599 by you.IMG_4598 by you.IMG_4606 by you.IMG_4608 by you.IMG_4605 by you.IMG_4610 by you.IMG_4617 by you.IMG_4646 by you.IMG_4621 by you.IMG_4637 by you.IMG_4650 by you.


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