Each week was a peach

I am honored
to have spent some valuable time 
with each of the
fabulous ladies:

Kaylin Andres blog

Fellow California College of the arts Alum (senior collection here)
She is an entrepreneur with special tastes in fashion that blow my mind (you have to see her blog)  To me she looks like a mixture of Megan fox, Mary Ringwald, and Claire Danes

We spent the day wandering around and looking at Korean slut stores and antique stores. I stocked up on fake eyelashes and underwear resembling a basket...Later we went to her place, and I was able to see where all the creative magic genius happens!  And then we went out to an old Chinese place near my house with her fabulous boyfriend.  I was a little out of it so there is only a picture of her and her boyfriend and the secret agent curtain we put down to plan our secret mission:

Olivia blog

Olivia is from Queens, New York, but has recently resided in Paris. She studies literature and film (my two other loves)  She has a keen eye for fashion, and is my shopping soul mate.  We spent two days cramming my favorite shopping, food, and bars of San Francisco.

Mary Van Note blog

Mary is a Comedian with exquisite style.  She invited me to a drag and variety show.  Her outfit killed me with all of its beauty!  (It reminds me of a sweater dress I have withe grapes as well)  Her stand up was brilliant, and her raunchy sense of humor is right up my alley! I was extremely flattered when I found out she wrote a joke about me ;)  She and I are going to head to the flea market this Sunday(tomorrow)..stay tuned to our finds..

Outfit of the evening:


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