Fashion to figure $40 giveaway ****entries closed****

As a designer I love new things
fresh shapes fresh everything

I'm ecstatic seeing a new shape arising....
In the beginning it seemed like everyone had a stance

plus size vs. skinny

I have never had a stance because in my mind there cant be a stance about different shapes
There can only be new and exciting things!

Seeing twiggy through the eyes of the 1960s was really exciting

That was before my time, and I have only seen skinny silhuettes my whole life,
Im bored

 Something special happed on the set of Mad men
Christina Hendricks AKA Joan walked in and I was like...VAVAVooom.....

favorite red carpet outfit of Christina Hendricks:

fav photo shoot

Then Prada attempted a shapely line,with nods to the 60s 
almost as if hinting at her approval of Mad Men's Joan.

Some of my favorites from Fashion to Figure:

Now don't get me wrong, as a designer I soon will be on to a whole new silhouette 
Oops its already started... extremely tall women(Greek statues).

entries closed
Anyway to win a $40 gift certificate that celebrates: plus size beauty on a budget, please do the following:

1) How you are following me
2) Where you linked this competition whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter.
3) a photo of your favorite plus size celebrity.  More of Christina Hendricks is completely fine.

Winners from last weeks Bohemian bisoux giveaway
will be announced on Wednesday the 20th

****If the sizes are too big in this giveaway or its not quite your cup of tea, stay tuned for next weeks vintage giveaway!!!!


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